Possible Titles for My Memoir

I Normally Don’t Curse, But Get the Hell Away from My Chocolate

No, I Didn’t Let My Dad Record My Outgoing Message; That’s My Phone Voice

I’m Sexiest in Pajamas. Someone Should Tell My Husband.

Tales From An Online Student/Stay at Home Napper

How Gilmore Girls Changed My Life and My Vocabulary

My Dog is Cuter Than Your Dog. And Probably Your Kid.

101 Ways to Sarcastically Embellish Anything That Happens to You

Notes From The Underside of the Coffee Maker

Figuring Out What to Do With Your Life is a Full Time Job

Pierce Your Nose and Other Ways to Make Your Brother the Favorite Child

I Don’t Care if I Can Bear Children, I Want Quiet andĀ a BeerĀ During the Game

Organic, Vegetarian, Experimental: Words that Will Get You Out of Cooking Dinner Ever Again

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