Road trip!

Hail to the heat and life-inhibiting humidity. We’re in Florida! We took full advantage of the easy week and headed south Wednesday night. His Highness refused to spend the better part of the evening in the backseat, so we had to stop for the night. Clayton and I were really cramped on the sleeper sofa.


We made it to my parents’ house Thursday afternoon, welcomed by a handful of accidental excitement puddles from this guy:


Just like their first week-long rendezvous, the long lost lovers frolic for about 15 minutes, and then both are spent for the next 2 hours. It’s heaven for those of us typically responsible for entertaining them. Bryson gets a million times the exercise and we feel zero of the guilt compared to leaving him at a kennel. It’s simple Parenting 101. Now, if someone knows anything about removing hotnasty putrid dog breath from the fabric of auto interiors, I’m all ears.

The excitement and alligator-force tail wagging, plus the clumsiness of uncontrollable pups on tile and hardwood—though hilarious–is a bit precarious for inside my parents’ house, so we took the kids to play. Best. Night. Ever.

bryson wilson field


The weekend is already full of fun catch-ups and birthday celebrations. I hear there’s a rumor going around that I’m planning a big pregnancy announcement at the family party on Saturday. A girl can’t just have a birthday around here? It should be really disappointing for everyone when I announce the only thing I’m expecting is to eat four pieces of ice cream cake.

In the meantime, here’s some more cute.

bryson wilson

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