An update

Remember when I used to blog? That was cute.

As usual, Life has dealt us some heaping doses of gut-wrenching bad news and double-twisting back hand springing good news over the last few weeks. To keep it optimistic ‘round here, I’ll share some of the best tidbits.

Hang on to your hats, friends: the Noa’s are moving to Florida! Yes, you read that 100% correctly. We’ve known for awhile that when Clayton’s contract ended at his current job, we didn’t plan to stick around. Newport News just never became “home” to us. After thinking about other cities, we decided to trade in our scarves for sunshine and head back down to Florida, closer to both of our families.

Clayton interviewed at a couple of places and accepted another orthopedic/sports medicine position in Clearwater.

We are currently looking for all those dirt cheap mansions in this “buyer’s market” everyone told us about. Seems they may just have exaggerated or we may have slightly overestimated our budget. In either case, we are heading down this weekend for a massive, one-day-only house hunt that hopefully ends with celebrations and contracts and not resigning ourselves to months in my parents’ guest bedroom.  

No matter what happens, we’ll be loading yet another U-haul this January. Can you even stand it? I didn’t think so.

And that’s about all the energy I have. Maybe I’ll get my funny back next week.

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