Some whining for good measure: 31 weeks

I want a beer. And a glass of wine. Maybe half a pitcher of sangria.

And then I want to bend over and put on my shoes without gasping for air and needing a nap afterwards.

You may have guessed that pregnancy has become a tad uncomfortable. Nothing major, thankfully. I do realize how incredibly blessed I am to have had such a healthy seven months.

But still.

Sleeping is nearly impossible unless it’s the middle of the day and I’ve fallen into just the right arrangement in between the couch cushions that relieves the pressure on my back. I have a new little friend that greets me at night. We call him GERD, and he slides up and down my esophagus with an acidic ferocity, laughing and laughing at how I can’t recline beyond 90 degrees without choking on his fiery venom. We’re good buds, he and I.

Everything is completely manageable, but the thought of what could be waiting for me in the next 9 weeks is a little intimidating. I feel like I’ve been pregnant for a couple of years now, yet still have two whole months left. Poor, poor prego me.

On the happy side of the bump, we picked a name: Addison Brooke. Tell me you love it. Or don’t. We’ve gotten both reactions.

Addison is a mover and a shaker. She flips and flops throughout the day, and she seems to be getting stronger and stronger. Giving us a little glimpse into her teenage years, she doesn’t cooperate with us when I try to let Clayton or anyone else feel her kicking around in there. Stubborn little lady. (I kind of love that about her.)

All of my appointments have gone really well, indicating a totally healthy peanut. We decided not to get a 4D ultrasound just in case the pictures weren’t all that flattering. And then I’d have 12 weeks to worry about having an ugly, smushy faced baby. You know, a really legitimate cause for concern. That means we don’t have any more photo shoots scheduled, if everything continues to go well. The suspense of not having any idea what she looks like is so fun. I was hit with a rush of expectation this week, and it was the first time I felt that maternal anticipation to meet her. It was entirely overwhelming and I thought I physically would not be able to wait 9 more weeks. It was pretty awesome. 

Also, I will cut you for donuts.

21-25 weeks collage

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