Showered Up

Yesterday was my baby shower. It doesn’t even feel real enough to say that, but here it is, 6 weeks before the bambino is scheduled to arrive and the practical thing to do is let everyone I know and love buy me stuff. And so I did. Because I’m selfless like that.

These events are almost overwhelming, especially when you add in an oversized dose of hormones chugging away on three hours of sleep. The people that I care about the most in the world all made time to spend an afternoon celebrating the Noa nugget and sharing the excitement of this life-altering moment. The whole day was overflowing with love, and I could not be more comforted by the thought that Addison will come into the world wrapped in that love and support.

Not to mention we walked out of there with a truckload of awesome loot. I feel so much better about the prospect of being responsible for a tiny human now that we have something to put her in, something to transport her from one place to another, something to bathe her with, something to treat her gas and hiccups and rashes with and something that will trap her pee and poop until her father changes her. Plus lots of other stuff that will just make my life easier.

Thank you to everyone who attended the shower and to everyone who couldn’t but sent their love from far away. And a big grateful belly bump and high five to my fantastic hostesses, Leah and Dorian, who didn’t let me do a single thing to help. Seriously, Dorian wouldn’t even let me stand up to get water at the shower. It was absolutely perfect.

I guess all that’s left to do now is have a baby find a rocker, finish the nursery art, pack a hospital bag, find a pediatrician, pre-register at the hospital, wash all baby clothes and utensils, pick coming home outfits for me and the chickadee, update the registry for our couples shower, assemble the stroller and carrier, clean out the closets, organize the garage, compare insurance policies, get more intimidated by my Bradley method book, write a birth plan, finish work projects and send thank you cards.

Holy crap.

Baby Shower Collage1

Baby Shower Collage2

Baby Shower Collage3

Baby Shower Collage4

Baby Shower Collage5Baby Shower Collage8

Baby Shower Collage7

4 thoughts on “Showered Up

  1. what a sweet shower, and my stalker self saw you scored a PPB diaper bag!!! :) i love mine! and no worries on your ‘to do’s’ before your little girl arrives…literally i had the EXACT same to do list. it all somehow got done. oh, and i totally had a cute going home outfit for my little man, which naturally my hubby DID NOT let him wear home! super annoying. i should have pulled the trump card…something on the lines of “i just pushed out a watermelon…”, what i say goes right now!

  2. Thanks girls. Nicole, I want to spend an hour a day just looking at my bag, I love it! Since we’re having a girl, I’m pretty sure Dad has no say in what she can or cannot wear…until she’s a teenager, of course.

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