Five for Friday

I thought it was Thursday every day this week. Not cool. Here we go.

1. Ahnald. That second arm is attached to the wiper. Sheer genius.


2. Creepin’ on these cuties.

3. Eeny, meeny, miny, moe: a nutritional account of my final weeks of pregnancy in four photos.

emmo collage 4. I finished the three seasons of Scandal available on Netflix. I find it a little disturbing that I could buy into every far fetched storyline on that show but could never quite accept that Noel could be so evil. (Source)

noel and felicity

My love for 90s teen dramas knows no bounds.

5. Gets it from her Mama.

Addie school

On tap for this weekend: movie night with “Beauty and the Beast.” Don’t be too jelly.

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