Memorial Day Weekend

We had a lovely, relaxing Memorial Day weekend over here. On Friday my mom and I toted the kids out to the park with my pal and her two boys. Taking two kids out of the house is certainly a chore, but I’m feeling a little more confident with each trip.

Addison expended some serious energy leading to a serious nap afterwards, so mission accomplished. I also had a real conversation and wasn’t wearing pajamas; double win!

Like every night for the foreseeable future, we chilled at home and one of us spent the overnight hours pleading with a two-week-old to stop grunting and go to sleep.

I don’t even remember what we did on Saturday. That’s called confirmation there’d be no interest whatsoever in reading about it.

The major highlight of our Sunday was a family trip to Wal-Mart in a torrential downpour. Life is so glamorous up in here. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Clayton try and explain to Addison what lightning is and why it prevents her from going to the park. Spoiler: she wasn’t convinced about this “electricity in the sky” business. Now I’m really considering writing a Scientific Explanations for Toddlers book. Chapters to include Pregnancy Means Mommy Gets to Sleep All Day, Nutrition: Beyond Cheerios, The Sound Barrier and How Your Screaming Threatens to Shatter It and Waking Up Before 6 a.m. Proven More Harmful than Most Chronic Diseases.

We played the new baby card on Monday and made my family come over for a cook out. Chicken is back in my life and meals are infinitely easier. We had burgers, chicken, baked beans, salad, chips, brownies and strawberry shortcake. For five people. God bless ‘merica.

Themed toddler toes:

addie toesClayton and Addison were the only ones who braved our frigid pool while the rest of us hung out on the deck. The family that selfies together, stays together.

noas selfie

That’s Addie’s hair sticking up under my arm. Looks rather suspect. She’s also in her most favorite pj’s ever because she got a bath at 4:30 and we went rogue and put her to bed an hour early. AND IT WORKED. Air high fives all over the place right now.

That night Clayton and I stuck with the patriotic theme and watched “American Sniper.” My mind cannot comprehend what some people willingly take on out of duty to and love of this country. It was a necessary but sobering reminder of what the day was all about.

mdw flowers

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