Five for Friday

The kiddos and I are making it out of the house more and more lately. I still forget something crucial every time, like diapers for Asher, but I figure that’s par for the two-kid course. Here are some of the things that we enjoyed this week.

1. I was on a hunt for summer shorts that would work throughout the crazy postpartum weight roller coaster. Gap/drawstring waistbands to the rescue.

gapThey were on sale in the store, so I got the gray pair, which are more casual, and the dressier garnet pair, which I envision fancying up with some wedges once my cankles morph back into calves.

2. A little breather after our intense shopping.

mall coffee

3. Our first experience with Moe’s Monday.

addie ev moes

He wants all the quesadillas. She wants all the chips. Match made in heaven.

4. I like to keep Clayton’s guitar pick in my car to remind me how dreamy he is and to make myself feel cooler in the mom-mobile. Doesn’t matter that I can’t play one single chord on the guitar.

guitar pick

5. #seinfeld


Just can’t pass up a BOGO.

Here’s to a weekend of sunshine and happy surprises!

sidewalk heart

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