Five for Friday

Someone is fussing up a storm and looking right at me like I’m responsible for righting the whole situation, so enjoy some tidbits from this week while I tend to the tiny boss of the house.

1. Eating my feelings during a disappointing Game 6. However, I think the Lightning have at least one new legitimate fan after that playoff run. I’ve also started to come around to the idea of taking Addie ice skating soon despite the threat of razor sharp blades inches from her delicate baby skin.


2. I decided to work on a few projects over the last two weeks, and every day is take your baby to work day.

asher comp

3. There are not many joys greater than that of an unexpected chocolate chip cookie. “It’s the biggest cookie of my whole life!”

addie cookie1

4. Season 4 is heeeeere! Happy Father’s Day weekend, Clayton. Hope your ideal plans involve binge watching a political soap opera and swooning over Jake Ballard.


5. As great as I’ve been feeling during this postpartum period, I can’t deny those wacky hormones are still bouncing around all over the place sometimes. Here are two movies that made me cry this week:

the croods


Totally rational adult behavior.

Saturday Clayton has a free pass to spend all day away from his children celebrating the fact that he is a father, and Sunday we’re grilling out with my dad. Have fun spoiling the dads in your life this weekend!

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