Five for Friday

1. This cheeky little list notebook from my second home.


2. The only candles I’ve ever found that are strong enough for our main living area (family room, kitchen and living room are all open to each other) are the Bath and Body Works 3-wick candles. They are stupid expensive, so I was giddy when I saw them on clearance for 50% off. It was exceptional timing since the trash was rancid. I went home, fired up one of those bad boys, waited for Clayton to get home and made him take the trash out.


3. We hit up the zoo last Friday in the late afternoon and the orangutan was all, “Make this show worth my while, suckers.” Addison and I have been throwing this hand motion at each other randomly ever since.



asher smile11asher smile13

5. The Bachelorette is annoying me to no end. Not even because of all the making out and sex, but all the cliffhangers are obnoxious and the dude drama seems completely contrived (looking at you Clint and JJ). But alas, I will suffer for my addiction.

Off the faves list: Chris, the Nauseatingly Sweet Dentist.

dentist nope

Added to the faves even though they will definitely not be in the final episodes: Self-deprecating Tanner


and adorable, sweet and supreme Bachelor material Ben H.

ben hJury is out on Shawn. He’s getting a little neurotic, but with good reason, no?

And just…stop.

nick v noOkay. I feel better getting that off my chest.

I may be back on the paddleboard this weekend for the first time in like a year! Eeee! Hopefully I can locate some balance and cardiovascular endurance, which have also not been employed in the same amount of time.

3 thoughts on “Five for Friday

  1. If you don’t already, you must read and Hilarious Bachelor(ette) recaps. These two people are the only reason I continue to watch this train wreck of a show. (Bring back the hot tubs and rock climbing please!) Also, Ben H. is currently working as a contractor for Raymond James. My future SIL and her best friend may or may not be stalking him.

    1. I had completely forgotten about green beans! Thank you! I’ll have to check out the other blog. Finally a sort of legitimate reason to keep on keepin’ on with this unbearable season. Even though it’s obnoxious, do you have a favorite? If you’re going to say Nick, don’t even waste the time typing ;) If your SIL ever spots Kaitlyn sneaking around with Ben, YOU BETTER TELL ME! Or, even better, Chris Harrison!

  2. Yes, both blogs are a must, especially with this dreadful season. To be honest, “Some Guy” is my favorite. (Don’t tell Lincee!) He tends to get *fresh* with his writing. Yes, let’s go with that. Try his blog. I have a feeling you will love it!
    I strongly dislike Nick…I did on Andi’s season too. I don’t really have a favorite. Nick…eww, Shawn = poor man’s Ryan Gosling (oh go read Lincee now. You’ll LOVE the Notebook references), and Jared needs a haircut. I think my favorite would probably be Ben H. Which, contact has been made by my FSIL’s friend (she’s single). The line “I want to marry Ben H so hard” has been thrown out once or twice. It’s my closest brush with celebrity reality TV fame! ;)

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