Six for Saturday

Since I’m a day late with Five for Friday, you lucky ducks get a bonus!

1. Band-aids on babies = sadness.

asher bandaid

2. The Rend Collective Experiment Pandora station. Around 4:30 every afternoon, things start to unravel. My patience is depleted, I stare blankly into the refrigerator attempting to will a dinner to appear, Addison has far surpassed her t.v. time for the day but refuses to play in her room with the meager 1, 263 toys she has (see #3), Asher is eating or will need to eat any second, and Clayton won’t be home for what seems like an eternity.

Instead of handling all that to the tune of my own frustrated screaming, I’ve been turning on the Rend Collective station that Clayton introduced me to. Frankly, we find most mainstream Christian music to be way over the top cheesy or the lyrics ridiculously idealized. This station plays lesser known artists that are more our musical style while creating a positive vibe during one of the most challenging parts of the day.

3. When you can’t find the floor and no toy escapes with all its parts in tact, you’ve achieved play date success.

photo 1photo 2 4. I picked up our photos from Asher’s newborn session. In love with them. Life Long Studios always makes the experience as relaxed as possible for new parents, too.


5. Poor sad, neglected Maya. Make us feel bad, why don’t you.

maya ball

And for your judgmental pleasure…

6. I was cleaning out Addison’s backpack after school and found a bottle cap. From a Dasani water bottle? Nope. From a Diet Coke, perhaps? Not quite. From a Yuengling. Our two-year-old trotted into her ultra conservative Baptist pre-school with a beer bottle cap in her backpack. Can parents get detention?


And with that, I’m off to a bridal shower with both of my offspring. Prayers and Yuengling appreciated.

3 thoughts on “Six for Saturday

  1. Haha! #6 is so great! And actually, I think that would send you straight to parent OSS. ;) . But don’t worry, it’s at home, so there’s more beer there.

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