Five for Friday

Addie’s school was closed this week, so I had an atypical week with both kids mostly on my own. It went surprisingly well considering how I’ve been feeling lately. We ventured out of the house every day (even if only for a Starbucks run), and that’s a victory of major proportions. Here are some of our adventures.

1. We went to my cousin’s wedding last weekend. Addison was off the walls at that reception. You know how there’s always that crazy child running wild across the dance floor and manhandling all the decorations and everyone is all, Who is responsible for that kid?! Yeah, that’d be me.

addie lindsey

I also had two handsome dudes on (and in) my arms.

clayton nat wedding

nat ash wedding

2. Then, it was my birthday on Sunday! All I wanted was a massive burrito from Capital Tacos, which I did receive despite no photographic evidence. The rest was just gravy.

nat mug 3. I feel so cheated that when I worked at Bed, Bath & Beyond in college I had to wrap all the registry gifts with a line of customers getting more impatient by the second and the gift purchaser breathing over my shoulder inspecting every last ribbon curl for perfection. And now that it’s ten years later, I still have to wrap the gifts at BB&B.

bbbFun story:my friend threatened to call the Better Business Bureau after they made me stay until 2 a.m. closing one night during Christmas season. Aaah, memories.

4. Addison rocked her first trip to the dentist. You say “prize” to her, and she falls in line like a veteran soldier.

addie dentist5. We hijacked Clayton’s peaceful lunch break and replaced it with condiment spilling, baby spit-up, mac ‘n’ cheese refusals and corn soufflé stealing. An hour has never felt so long as it does in public with two tiny humans.

clayton ash addie

We have Addie’s school orientation and dinner with friends on the schedule this weekend. Stay cool, kids.

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