Five for Friday

Yesterday was supposed to be a stay-home-and-veg kind of day. It ended up turning into a stay-home-and-try-not-to-evict-my-toddler-while-scrubbing-baby-poop kind of day. And so it goes. However, the rest of the week has been rather delightful. Let’s focus on that.

1. Happy Columbus Day to us! My dad had the day off, so I picked Addie up early and off we went. The weather by the water was perfect, but my calves are still sore from the jaunt up the huge hill with Asher strapped to me. The gym is calling my name again.


2. Tuesday we were up and out early for Addison’s school pictures, so we made a day of it and went to the museum. They were making blubber, woop woop! It was awesome until it found its way onto our carpet, all up in some fingernails and onto Clayton’s outdoor “practice facility” aka his putting green (a whole post in itself).


3. As I get older, I realize I only want the types of friendships where I can show up early for a family dinner, let myself and my kids into their house and start making a pot of black beans before they ever come home. And when they walk in, they’re not even surprised.


4. Thursday night goals vs. reality (See intro above.)

dinner collage

5. This woman devoted her life to her children and grandchildren. She is in the process of moving out of the house she has lived in for decades, and I imagine it’s a surreal, uncomfortable transition. But baby cuddles cure a multitude of ills.

gma asher

What I’m most excited about this weekend is pizza.

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