Favorite Posts

I was tired of reading through all the drivel to find that one post about buying tampons, so I made a list of my faves.

Dear Addison

Dear Addison: One Month
Dear Addison: Two Months
Dear Addison: Three Months
Dear Addison: Four Months
Dear Addison: Five Months
Dear Addison: Six Months
Dear Addison: Seven Months
Dear Addison: Eight Months
Dear Addison: Nine Months
Dear Addison: Ten Months
Dear Addison: Eleven Months
Dear Addison: Twelve Months
Dear Addison: Before You’re a Big Sister

Just for Fun

Showing my age and unashamed love of boy bands: Nick Lachey is an Ungrateful Prima Donna.
Recapping: 2010 in Pictures,  2012 in Pictures
My doppelgangers, not all of which are female: Good Will Doppelganging
Buying tampons isn’t my favorite: As if “IT” isn’t bad enough.
Thinking ahead about my book deal: Possible Titles for My Memoir
Girlcrushing, again: Crush

Bryson W. Noa

Saying good-bye to our Bryson: Peace through sadness
We thought our boy had a seizure: The Longest Story of My Dog Ever, Part 1
Turns out, he’s just weird: The Longest Story of My Dog Ever, Part 2
We took Brsyon on a canoe: Untold Stories
Dealing with a rambunctious puppy pre-teen: Puppy Puberty
Meeting Bryson and becoming a family of three: I Blame the Pandas.

On Being a Girl Meeting the North

Replacing whining with acceptance, or trying to: To Clarify
Reflections after 3/4 of a year in Virginia: Nine Months


When working as a writer was at my fingertips: Tangible
I’m a writer! Get the FDA on the Phone

Getting Serious, Briefly

Falling for my first northern fall: Fallishness
The morning Clayton passed his PA certification exam: Aorta, Vomit, and Elephants.
When life sucks, inside jokes help: A Few Thoughts on Life. But Mostly Thoughts on Tassles.
Giving it up to Runners, a Response for Boston: To the runners

On Motherhood

The moment I became a Mama: Love: An Awakening
Because sometimes being a mom is freaking hard: It’s Going to be Okay

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