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Five for Friday

A little late today because, well, it’s my blog and I can be.

1. I cannot brag about Clayton’s dad skillz enough. He was a phenom with Addison for the week that he was off work, with a sensational culmination at Frozen on Ice last weekend. Apparently she loved it, especially the beginning when a mess of other Disney characters skated around, most notably “Punzel” (Rapunzel).

photo 2

2. I stayed home for a date with the other man in my life.

photo 4

3. Addison forgets about Asher most of the time, but every now and then we’ll get some sweet sibling action. And she always remembers to tell new people about “her baby.”

photo 5

4. The Bachelorette is back!!! And based on the season teaser, so is creeper Nick V.! That’s some serious Bachelor viewing candy right there. And if those clips are for real, homegirl gets busy way before any Fantasy Suite keys are on the table. Say wha?!?!

Kaitlyn was one of my faves from The Bachelor and Britt solicited massive eye rolling for her dramatics and full face makeup while sleeping, so clearly I’m pumped for this season.

My faves after the premiere:

Le dentist (Chris)

chris dentist

Cutie McHaircut (Shawn)

shawn bachelorette

Both of them are exponentially more attractive on the show than in these photos, btw. Not sure why ABC went with JC Penney portraits for their official cast images, but I digress.

5. I am feeling quite comfortable in my new seat on the Tampa Bay Lightning bandwagon. The Bolts are somewhere far along in the playoffs, and despite not knowing 80% of hockey rules, man are these games exciting! I certainly know how to scream and shout when that little puck hits the back of the net, so the rest seems extraneous at this point. Look at me being the thunder.

be the thunderHappy Memorial Day Weekending!

Five for Friday

Old pros that we are, this week has been surprisingly low key. Despite having appointments or events every day, we are managing well. But I am not about to get lulled into thinking we got this or anything. On the contrary, I am just shy of terrified of Clayton going back to work next week. He has been a superstar with Addison and around the house; she is going to be quite disappointed waking up to my old mug Monday morning. To forget any of that is happening, let’s chat about this week.

1. My view in the hospital. Not complaining.

Asher Clayton hospital Much lips.

2. My new view at night. Not complaining.

asher bassinet

3. We had a quiet lunch at our place for Mother’s Day with my family. Can’t really top the gift I got this year. I still don’t fully believe I have childREN.

noas mothers day2 4. Just about the last thing you feel like doing six days after giving birth, but Asher’s close up was calling.

makeupWe had newborn photos taken and I had to determine how drug store concealer could help contour the five month baby tummy I’m still toting around. Towards the end I had to call it because my stomach muscles flat out refused to cooperate with one more second of standing.

5. Ever since we downgraded our cable, I like to watch my stories at 7 p.m. every night. I can feel the gray hairs coming in with each spin.

wheel of fortune

Hopefully this weekend will be laid back, maybe even involving some pool time for the Noas that have the all clear to submerge themselves in water.