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Five for Friday

It’s barely still Friday, so let’s get to it. I wish I had more exciting tidbits to share, but life is baby-centric and therefore, so is this weekly wrap-up.

1. These sweatpants.


The last month of my pregnancy, almost nothing I wore was comfortable, not even my maternity pants. Clayton and I made a trip to Sam’s to stock up on bulk quantities of essentials pre-baby and these were a total impulse buy. I’d actually talked myself out of getting them, but at one point I was waiting for Clayton and Addison to finish their wild goose chase for frozen lasagna, and I decided to give them a shot. I went back over to the clothes and picked up both large and medium sizes for before and after baby. I have worn them almost every single day since then. This could be way off base, but I think they’re totally cute to wear out in public and have worn them to the park and out on our walks. I am debating picking up more colors.

2. We are deep in fervent prayer that this works and 5 a.m. wake ups will be a distant memory soon.

photo 2 (2)

3. My play dough talents continue to improve…

photo 5

leaving someone’s mind totally blown…

photo 2

while someone else remains unimpressed.

photo 4

4. I straightened my hair for the first time in…two months? Six months? This decade? Who even knows at this point. So, selfie obvi. Addison offered me the greatest compliment by saying I looked like Pocahontas. Minus the fondness for fringe and unfortunate affinity for forbidden love.

photo 3 (2)

5. Took the Tula out for a short test drive! Baby heads are what life’s all about, amirite?


What life’s not all about is baby throw up all over your sheets at 3 a.m.

As for this weekend…Go Bolts!